How Chocolate Saved Our Lives: Part One

We all are the hero of our own journey. And we don’t have just one journey or call to adventure, I believe we have multiple throughout our lifetime. Eric and I journeyed to Los Angeles about 10 years ago, individually, for totally separate reasons and from different parts of the country. Four years in and our paths crossed, the last 6 we journeyed together, got married, started a family, and worked on creative projects together. 

Just one year ago we were living in Los Angeles, in a small condo in Studio City, I was finishing up at design school while also 7 months pregnant, our other daughter just turned 3 and Eric was away from home on average 12-13 hours a day due to his commute. We were getting along alright but felt like we were just going through the motions of life. Nothing was savored. My acting career no longer gave me joy, I was falling in love with Design but had no idea how to start a career in it while still being able to help provide for my family without having all of my paychecks just go straight to childcare. Eric wanted a change in work, either up the ladder or out the door, but the ladder was stagnant and there was no way we could afford the door while living in LA! Why were we here?! What were we doing with our lives?!?! We were exhausted and stressed – and pretty miserable for happy people. 

We were just going through the motions of life. Nothing was savored.
Bean to Bar chocolate
Call to Adventure 
In January of 2018, Eric bought a book about chocolate making (Chocolate: Indulge Your Inner Chocoholic Become A Bean-To-Bar Expert). He has always been interested in learning new hobbies and if he can make it from scratch and do the whole entire process, he will. (One time he decided to make his own escargot… with snails he bred and raised “from scratch” in a terrarium in our apartment. We’ll share that story another time.) Back to chocolate… Eric began buying chocolate that he could melt and temper at home. The very act of chocolate making forces you to focus on the moment at hand, to slow down and pay attention. Something we had been craving from our busy lives. Of course, the process of chocolate making doesn’t start with the bag of chocolates you buy at the store, you can start at an earlier point – raw beans. Eric found a great source to buy beans, had them shipped, and then roasted them at home. What joy! We can choose how we want our chocolate to taste just by deciding how long to keep them in the oven and at what temperature. 
Eric quickly dove into making bonbons after work and on the weekends – creating little pieces of art. He enjoyed the process, our friends enjoyed the product. Finally, after working on something for so long, the end result was a gift to someone. That’s what Eric and I both love – giving something of value to another person. Life is meant to be enjoyed and if we can create a tiny moment of joy one little bonbon or bite of chocolate at a time, then we feel fulfilled.
Life is meant to be enjoyed and if we can create a tiny moment of joy one little bonbon or bite of chocolate at a time, then we feel fulfilled.
Supernatural Aid 
Over a decadent roast beef sandwich in a New York deli located in Los Angeles…we decided to make a huge change. Later that month (March), I would finish Design school eight months pregnant, our second daughter was due in May, and then what? Keep struggling to make our life in LA work that we weren’t too crazy about? Nah. Let’s pull the plug and take a flying leap.
March – graduated design school.
April – prep for baby.
May – have baby.
June – list condo for sale…
                  -3 days later – sell condo.
July – pack up and move to Pacific Northwest,
move into my parent’s house,
and figure out what in the heck we are going to do with our lives.
By August we had officially started our company, Pequod Studios LLC, to umbrella Eric’s chocolates and my designs.
Ok, now what?  How did we end up working together?  How did we combine my passion for design, and all of Eric’s random hobbies?
So much to tell. So so much.
To be continued…

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4 thoughts on “How Chocolate Saved Our Lives: Part One

  1. I can’t wait to read part 2. ?

  2. Great story…great people….great store.

  3. FUN! My daughter just called and said she just discovered your shop, took business cards and is talking about your shop. Of course I live in Maine! Hah, but couple of friends and myself are planning a trip west and I’ve already shared your shop with them,and one commented “looks like heaven”. Congrats. good luck.

    1. Thank you Mona! We can’t wait to have you stop in. FYI, We are working on expanding our products available for shipping 🙂

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