Connecting With The Community

I still have every intention to finish that “part two” of our story on “How Chocolate Saved Our Lives”, but I want to take a moment and write about what an amazing experience it has been this first month of being open. The whole reason Eric and I moved away from LA and back to my hometown of Longview was because we wanted an opportunity to be an active supportive member of the community and, hopefully, be of some positive influence in creating a place where people are inspired to grow, learn, and connect. We love meeting new people and working together towards common interests. A desire of our hearts is a dream to make the historic downtown Longview area a place where people come to shop, eat, and see friends. A place that excites people to get off their couches and away from their screens – to meet friends face to face, share hearty laughter, and eat great food.

An amazing example of connecting with the community so far is apparent in the decor of our shop itself. The player piano was donated by the owner, Marc Roland, of Roland Wines. The vintage record player console was gifted by the owner, Cory, of the Classics and Oddities record shop down the street from us. The fabulous blue couch set was a find on Facebook Marketplace here in Longview, and many of books were acquired from local estate sales and the library’s book sales. We’re now collaborating with Let’s Be Holistic and pairing our cacao bean husks with Shannon’s teas to create brand new chocolate teas we can both offer at our two shops.

It’s been such a joy for us to reconnect with old friends since we’ve opened. Eric is originally from Minnesota and already he’s had friends stop by on their travels to the Southwest Washington area that he hasn’t seen for years! I myself have had a lovely reunion with people I grew up with and we’ve had a ball making new friends with customers who come in. I hesitate to write “customers” when we’ve had lovely conversations with almost all who walk through our doors and we consider friends by the time they leave.

Our late hours on the weekends have gone over quite well as well. We look forward to seeing more of the theatre crowd when the new seasons starts in the fall for Longview Stageworks and the Columbia Theatre.

We’ve had so many wonderful reviews so far for our place that our hearts are bursting with gratitude. We look forward to greeting returning new friends and to make new ones as we carry onward with Storyboard Delights. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

Much thanks,

Julisa Wright



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4 thoughts on “Connecting With The Community

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed our first visit into your delightful shop yesterday.
    I had my granddaughter with me (wearing the fox mask).
    I’m telling everyone I know about Storyboard Delights!

    1. Thank you so much, Melissa. I’m so glad you enjoy our space as much as we do!

  2. Now that there’s little social activity & shops closing, maybe you can continue Part 2 on your Blog. I’m interested. Maybe it will beef up online orders?
    By the way, it’s Marc with a “C,” he’s an old friend of mine. (Marc Roland)

    1. Yes! I can finally get back to blogging!!
      And I will definitely correct my mistake! Thanks for letting me know 😉

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