How Chocolate Saved Our Lives – Part 2

What an interesting time to get back into blogging for our shop! We find ourselves in the familiar state of uncertainty. Not knowing what the next day will bring is something that I (Julisa) am very familiar with from being an actor in LA  for 10 years and then to being a small business owner with Eric these last 2 years.

I thought that by continuing on with our story of “How Chocolate Saved Our Lives – Part 2” it might, by some little chance, provide a sense of comfort that you are not alone. When the stability of your your 9-5 job is gone or uncertain, when you no longer do all the things you usually filled your time with, you are left in a vulnerable spot – you are left to face yourself.

When Eric and I dropped everything to move back to my home state of Washington and to make a huge drastic change to our life – it was because we felt we were merely drifting through life. Every day Eric made his 3-hour commute, I struggled to keep up the hope that another audition would come my way, we had very little time as a family together, and our social life slowly dried up as our friends became more busy with work or with their own families. Why were we in LA?!?

When things got rough we would joke that we would just run away and open a little cafe and make up whatever we felt like on the day and invite people in as if it were our living room – never realizing we were actually planning our future.

Flash forward to the moment we were offered a brick and mortar storefront in the historic downtown area of my hometown –  our whole being(s?) lit up. We knew this was for us – the details were fuzzy. And thank goodness! If we had known all the details going into setting up our very own chocolate shop there’s no way we would have blindly shouted “yes!”.

In the upcoming blogs I’ll go into more details on how we decided that Eric and I worked better together than tug-of-waring over time to pursue our separate interests. I don’t know how we lucked out being able to work together so well. It’s not easy, we’ve learned a lot -specially about each other. THAT is for another blog – “How to work with your spouse and not get divorced”… I look forward to going over the whole design/remodel of our shop. That was an epic wonderful time for me! To design a commercial space that took people out of their every day lives! Eric will write about the zen aspects to making chocolate – “DON’T RUSH IT! You will be punished!”

And might I say again: “Thank you!”. For all the support we’ve felt from our community when we opened and now in this limbo state.

But let’s wrap up this entry by saying this:

Chocolate saved our lives by sparking the flame and making us answer the “call to adventure”. We set foot towards the unknown and ever since we have felt more alive and awake to life than ever before. The struggles, the reward, the tears, the laughter… blah blah blah you get it. It’s one thing to watch a movie or read a story, but when you throw yourself into your own story and start taking chances it’s a whole other beast. I hope our story is worth sharing.

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3 thoughts on “How Chocolate Saved Our Lives – Part 2

  1. Julisa and Eric –

    Miss you both very much. LOVE this blog entry.

    Stepping out, as you both did, is the sign of two healthy people taking on the adventure of life and enjoying the blessing of that risk. Helen and I have done that crazy thing a few times. SO glad we did. Once, we moved to a TINY town in Minnesota with no jobs, knew no one except Helen’s grandmother, and me never having been through a mid-west winter. But, we wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. We learned perseverance, faith, and courage. And, we carry those lessons with us to this day.

    Keep writing chapters in your story.

    Don’t often get to Longview. Drove through a few years ago on the way from Portland to Seattle. But, I guarantee that when we do get up that way, we will load up on chocolates, hugs, and stories with you two.

    LOVE you, take care, and be safe.


  2. Love you guys and am so excited to partake in crepes again when this is all a distant memory!

  3. Meeting Eric yesterday in the shop was delightful and sampling my purchases delicious. The subtle smoky flavor in Daddy D’s is delectable. I’d planned to savor the bar over days, but, alas, it is devoured.

    Keeping with “d,” I look forward to dancing returning to your shop. I didn’t do it first time around, but I’d love to become a regular once we’re released.

    Keep up the good work. We need you and your shop.

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