Chocolate Bar & 4 Bonbons Book


-Choose a favorite chocolate bar for your Storyboard book.

-Dark, Milk, White, Red Riding Hood, or the Frog Prince bar

-We’ll pair 4 bonbons that best suit your chosen bar.

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This book includes an artisan chocolate bar of your choosing and 4 bonbons. Choose from Dark, Milk, White, our Red Riding Hood sculpted bar or our Frog Prince.

Organic, Fair Trade, Artisan Chocolate with Hand-Sculpted Molds


Our 12 bonbon characters:

  • Little Red Raspberry (Raspberry & Goat Milk)
  • Baby Bear’s Porridge (Maple Syrup, Brown Sugar, & Cinnamon)
  • Briar Roses’ Night-Night Delight (Lavender and Lemon Zest)
  • Cranterbury Tales  (Cranberry Orange Buttercream)
  • Count of Minty Cristo (Mint)
  • Orange with an “E” (Orange & Lime Zest)
  • Ahab’s Salty Sweet (Salted Caramel)
  • Ben Gunn’s Secret Stash (Caramel Grog)
  • Grey Lady Havisham (Lady Grey)
  • The Caffeine of Amontillado (Mocha)
  • Neverland Mermaid Pearl (Strawberry Champagne Buttercream)
  • Promise of Persephone (Honey & Pomegranate)

All of our bonbons are made with fresh ingredients and without preservatives. They have a shelf-life of 1-2 weeks kept in a cool dry place.

Ingredients for Bonbons:

  • Little Red Raspberry: Dark Chocolate, Sugar, Cream (Milk), Raspberries, Brandy, *Colored Cocoa Butter
  • Baby Bear’s Porridge: cacao, sugar, cream (milk), maple syrup, brown sugar, cinnamon, cocoa butter, colored cocoa butter*.
  • Briar Rose’s Night-Night Delight: Dark Chocolate, Sugar, Cream (Milk), doTERRA Essential Oil Lemon and Lavender, Lemon zest, Lavender buds, *Colored Cocoa Butter
  • Cranterbury Tales: Dark Chocolate, Cranberries, Oranges, Sugar, Eggs, Butter, *Colored Cocoa Butter 
  • Count of Minty Cristo: Dark Chocolate Sugar, Cream (Milk) Mint, Mint Extract, *Colored Cocoa Butter
  • Orange with an “E”: Dark Chocolate, Sugar, Cream (Milk) Orange zest, Lime zest, d0TERRA Essential Oil Wild Orange, Colored Cocoa Butter
  • Ahab’s Salty Sweet: Dark Chocolate, Sugar, Cream (Milk), Caramel, Sea Salt, *Colored Cocoa Butter
  • Ben Gunn’s Secret Stash: Dark Chocolate, Sugar, Cream (Milk), Rum, Lime, *Colored Cocoa Butter
  • Grey Lady Havisham: Dark Chocolate, sugar, cream (milk), lady grey tea, colored cocoa butter*.
  • The Caffeine of Amontillado: Dark Chocolate, Sugar, Cream (Milk), Coffee, *Colored Cocoa Butter
  • Neverland Mermaid Pearl: Strawberry Champagne Buttercream: Dark Chocolate, Sugar, Strawberries, Champagne, Eggs,  Butter (Milk) *Colored Cocoa Butter
  • Promise of Persephone: cacao, sugar, cream (milk), pomegranate juice, honey, cocoa butter, colored cocoa butter*


  • *Colored Cocoa Butter contains cocoa butter and one or more of the following: FD&C Blue #1, Blue #2, Red #3, Red #40, Yellow #6, Rice Starch, Titanium Dioxide, Mica
  • Net Weight per Bonbon: 3oz (85g)

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Dark, Milk, White, Red Riding Hood, Frog Prince


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